How to Shrink Vista Partition with Partition Assistant

July 22, 2019

How to shrink Vista partition uncomplicated? Smart partition software to shrink Vista partition is needed. Partition Assistant is a best choice for shrinking Vista partition.

Vista is better operating system compared to XP/2000. It provides some partition operations that XP does not have, such as shrink partition (alias "Shrink Volume"), extend volume etc. You could need to multiple partitions to realize your various meets, but when you purchased the Vista there is only one partition that occupies the entire disk. Here, you have to place all system programs and personal documents in the one partition. You may want to classify store for the kind of data. However, you have to shrink Vista partition down to a separate partition and use it to solely place your working files, videos or games.

Shrink vista partition with built-in Disk Management

Many users might prefer to shrink Vista partition by using the Vista built-in-Disk Management. Below is the instruction for shrinking Vista partition:

1. Log on Windows as Administrator Privilege please, click Start Menu ->Run, and type "diskmgmt.msc" to input box, and press Enter key or click OK to open Windows Vista Disk Management.

Vista Shrink Partition

2. Right click the vista partition in the Disk Management and clicking the menu "Shrink Volume" option, and then pop up the following dialog.

Cannot Shrink Partition Vista

Based on the above graph, you found the shrink partition will only release 2MB free space (and despite the fact that plenty of space is free) when shrink Vista partition. Why? The main reason is that there are some NTFS meta-data files are recorded at the end of the Vista Partition. For more detailed information, please see Dissecting Extend Volume and Shrink Volume in Windows 7/2008/Vista. Is there another way to shrink vista partition? The answer was in the affirmative. Third-party to shrink partition software is a good idea for Windows Vista.

Shrink Vista Partition with Partition Assistant

Partition Assistant Pro Editionis offered by third party corporation, which is able to resize, extend and shrink Vista partition without loss of data. It is being widely used to assist personal users and IT administrators to optimize computer disk space usage. The shrink Vista partition operation is only one of its typical applications; you can also use the partition manager to resize other system partition. No data loss will ensure the data security during the process of the shrinking volume. Please refer to the following: How to shrink vista partition with partition assistant?

Shrink Partition with Partition Assistant

In the above screen, please drag the double-headed arrow to the left; you will see the drive that will be shrunk. As the above mention, we can adopt smartly the Partition Assistant to shrink vista partition successfully. Moreover, Partition Assistant Server Edition can also perform more advanced partition management operations in Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003 and 2008 (32bit and 64bit). Such asHot Extend NTFS System Partition, Create, Delete and Format Partition and so on. Through it, shrinking partition operation will become safer and easier.

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