Transfer OS from HDD to SSD with Free Partition Software

December 23, 2014

Transfer OS from HDD to SSD, that’s a common operation you need to do. If you want to transfer system to a new SSD drive in Windows, you may get into a complex situation. Luckily, we can solve the problem without spending a dime and reinstallation with the assistance of free AOMEI Partition Assistant.

SSD provides faster boot time, better shock protection and lower power consumption in comparison with traditional hard drive. It's also durable, so it is not likely to be damaged even it is dropped or banged.

"I'm getting an 80GB SSD for my desktop; it already has a 1TB HDD for all my data, how would I go about transferring Windows 7 that goes with it onto the SSD so that the new SSD could be a secondary ‘specialist’ drive to Improve performance for my Operating System for specific video games?"

The problem above was put forward by an internet user, and I believe many people may have suffered a set of problems. Aside from the case above, we need to transfer OS from HDD to SSD in many situations. For instance, to transfer Windows to larger or smaller storage devices in a single operating system, or to support any Windows platform, or to transfer a 64-bit Windows configured to the UEFI-based boot mode, etc.

Forum Lifehacker gave us good suggestions on transferring OS to SSD. In the first place, you need to back up your data and files, then slim down your current drive, migrate to the SSD, and then wipe your original drive, after that, you need to move your user folders and restore your personal files. After reading the whole article, you may find it’s hard to understand and complex to operate. Is there a simple way to achieve the goal? Of course, free AOMEI Partition Assistant provides such function that allows you directly transfer OS to SSD drive with a few clicks of the mouse.

Windows utilities like diskpart and cmd could be the first choice for those IT guys or experienced users, but for newbie, what they could do? Fortunately, we got a safer way in transferring OS to SSD. Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, a complete and powerful disk migrate program and it’s free of charge.

Its built-in Migrate OS to SSD function can transfer data or system drive to a new SSD without reinstallation and data loss. Let's see the detailed steps of transferring OS to SSD.

1. Open AOMEI Partition Assistant, on the main interface it will lay out your disk configuration.

Free Partition Software

2. On the main console, click "Migrate OS to SSD or HDD", in the pop-up window click “Next” to continue.

Migrate OS to SSD

3. In the next window, select your target disk (SSD or HDD), then click "Next".

Choose OS HDD

4. In the window, you could modify the information of the partition on the new SSD disk, including partition size, drive letter.

Modify SSD Partition

After setting up all the information, click "Next" to read some note about boot OS from SSD.


Then click "Finish" it will back to main interface automatic, and click "Apply" button on the top toolbar to commit the operation.

AOMEI Partition Assistant works well with Windows platform, Apart from transferring OS to new SSD, you may also disk clone and other transfer operations. With its assistance, you can also resize partition, merge partitions, split partition, create partition and delete partition, etc.