Vista Partition Manager - Partition Assistant Helps Hard Disk Partition

December 23, 2014

hard disk partition, these common operations can be realized by Vista Partition Manager, however, it also has limitations. So, It

19 November 2007, Microsoft released three most important new products, Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 for the Middle East. This is the first time for Microsoft to launch the Windows Vista officially to the world. Windows Vista has made some useful improvements in these areas: Systems integration of disk management utility to dynamically adjust the size of the hard disk partition itself, without doubt, the close integration with Vista's system makes users more confident in using it.

Some friends received pre-installed Vista operating system; almost all of the hard disk space is classified as the C: drive, In fact, Vista Partition Manager itself function has been achieved without reinstalling the operating system to a certain extent.

To access the Vista Partition Manager, methods of operation are the same with Windows XP, there are two main ways:
1. right-click "computer" in the pop-up menu on the desktop, select "Manage" and then select the Disk Management snap-in.
2. open in order "Control Panel" => "Administrative Tools" => Computer Management, then, entered into the Disk Manager and accept hard disk partition.

Vista Partition Manager allows users to partition hard disk as needed to release more unallocated space; also can extend hard disk partition by adding unallocated disk space into the existing partition or combine the affluence of the area with more intense partition; allows users to create and format partitions and volumes, assign drive letters and so on.

But, in many cases, the initial partition on hard disk is hard to avoid ill-considered case, for example, C partition is not enough disk space, but D drive has too much space, just like the following condition? Two partitions are in the vicinity? We haven't any idea to extend C partition from other unallocated partition, as Vista partition manager never allow to move partition, we can't move the unallocated space to next to C partition.

Extend Volume is grayed out

So, what can we do? Install the third party hard drive partition manager software, such as Partition Assistant, see the following screenshot.

Vista partition manager

Partition Assistant is easy and professional to use, it will not take you much time to know how to operate. Look at the following steps, this tool allows any operations, The most important is extending partition, no matter whether it has unallocated partition next to it; C partition can get more space from other spare partition automatically.

Next, shrink partition, Vista partition manager can't allow users shrink space more than half of the volume, but Partition Assistant can make your partition shrink unlimited within the total unused volume of the drive.

Moreover, Partition Assistant also can finish a series of hard disk partition operation such as partition, hide partition, check partition, and convert file system. In fact, Partition Assistant can counteract Vista partition manager weaknesses about the hard disk partition and other advanced operations. Know more, pay attention to here: Partition Assistant.

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