How to Resize VMware Windows 2003/2008 Partition without Losing Data?

July 27, 2017

To resize VMware Partition on Windows 2003/2008, AOMEI Partition Assistant can give it an easy go – fast and safely shrink/move/extend partition without losing data.

VMware is very popular these days and starting from Windows 2003, 2008, disk partitions would have confronted space problems. For example, there's a low disk space warning on a system partition or data partition, you must have to extend it. What's more, some users may want to shrink or extend partition for different usage even simply better manage their hard disk. However, it is not easy for many VMware users. They find there is no method to resize VMware partition or do not know which utility is reliable. To help them find a good solution and recommend a reliable tool, this article will give details.

AOMEI Partition Assistant can process this advanced VMware partition resize operation without data loss, including extend partition wizard, resize/move partition, extend system drive, repartition hard drive, merge/split partitions, etc, with all hardware RAID supported.

Shrink & Move Partition

Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition on your VMware Server 2003/2008 first, give VMware partition resize an easy go! ->Select D: drive, right click D: and select "Resize" partition or directly drag leftward to shrink D as the screenshot shows.

Shrink D drive

After shrinking D partition, there must be some unallocated space, so this time you need to drag D backward to move the unallocated space behind C drive.

Move D drive

Extend Partition

Look at the "low disk space" warning on VMware Server. I believe this issue occurred to most people. Then a suggested way is to extend it.

Low Disk Space

Case1, if the virtual disk only holds system partition (C drive):

In such case, first you need to increase VMware virtual disk size.

Case 2, if there is some unallocated space on the virtual disk but not behind C drive:

In order to extend C drive, you must first process the above two operations – "Shrink & Move D partition".

Case 3, there is some unallocated space behind C drive:

Just ignore the steps introduced above and do as the screenshot shows below!

You can extend C drive by directly dragging to enlarge your system space. Look at the following screenshot, show you the clear way.

Extend C drive

After all operations are done, please don't forget to click "apply" to finally complete the task!

Generally speaking, AOMEI Partition Assistant can resize VMware partition on Windows Server 2003/2008 without any data loss, however, in case of any unexpected error in the process, you'd better make a backup first! Why not Free download and try it now?