Using Diskpart to Extend C Drive in Windows Server 2008 (R2)

December 23, 2014

Do you use Diskpart to extend C drive in Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2? Is it better compared to a third party software? This article will introduce these two ways to you for extending system partition.

In computing, Diskpart is text-mode command interpreter of hard disk partitioning utility, included in versions of the Windows NT operating system line from Windows 2000 onwards. You can use Diskpart.exe to manage objects which can be disks, partitions, or volumes by using scripts or direct input from a command prompt. Before you use Diskpart commands on a disk, partition or volume, you must first list and then select an object to focus. Then, you can type act on that object by any DiskPart.exe commands.

Diskpart command can be used to automate its usage. It enables you to do some disk-related tasks, for instance, creating partitions or converting disks to dynamic, or shrinking and extending volumes and so on by scripts. The command also enhances the Disk Administrator graphical user interface (GUI).

Compared with other command line tools, it is different, because it cannot operate in a single-line mode. Instead, when you start the utility, the commands can be read from Standard Input/Output (I/O) which makes you to direct to any disk, partition, or volume by commands.

In Windows Server 2008, its Diskpart is V6.0 which is higher than Server 2003 V5.2; therefore, the Server 2008 Diskpart command has more powerful functions, especially shrink command is added, which can make system volume can be extended with the space shrank out.

In Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2, how to use Diskpart to extend C drive? It is easy, you only need to input “list volume”, “select volume” and “extend” commands.

1. Click Start menu, and input “cmd”, and press “Enter”, then you will go to the command line window.

2. Then type “Diskpart” and press “Enter”, and it will go to the below interface.


3. Here you can input “list volume”, and you will see there are volume0, volume 1 and volume 2 listed.

4. Then type “select volume 1”. Here volume 1 is system volume.

5. Input “extend” command and press enter button. Diskpart failed to extend system partition.


Why it cannot extend C drive? In fact, when you open disk management, you will find that there is no unallocated free space behind C drive. If the free space is next to system volume, extend C drive by Diskpart will be successful.

As to extend c drive by Diskpart, from above words, it is not perfect. At this time, you should search some software to make up for the deficiency of Diskpart extend C drive Windows 2008. AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is designed for server users to manage disk and partition. It can be used to solve low disk space problem, and when your C drive is running out of space, you can choose it to help to make best use of space. As a professional server software, resize partition, extend partition, delete/create/shrink partition etc. are supported. With powerful functions, how to extend system drive?

First, launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server and go to its main interface. Right click the drive which has enough free space as you want, (D drive for example) and select “Allocate Free Space”.


Then you can allocate free space from D to C drive. Click “Ok” to execute the operation.


At last, you will see your C drive space increases 15 GB. Click “Apply” to finish this task.



  • Before you do all operations, you had better backup important data, AOMEI Backupper Server is recommended to you, because no person can ensure data 100% security.
  • In addition to the above way, there is still another way to extend system drive. You can use AOMEI Partition Assistant Server to first resize d partition to get free space, and then merge system partition with unallocated space. Or you can directly use the “Extend Partition Wizard” to achieve the aim.

In summary, AOMEI Partition Assistant can help users to solve Diskpart extend C drive Windows 2008 deficiency problem. By it, you can never worry about insufficient disk space situation. Download to Try AOMEI Partition Assistant.