How to Extend C Drive on Server 2012 without Rebooting System?

December 23, 2014

How to extend C drive on Server 2012 without rebooting system? AOMEI Partition Assistant, a Server partition magic, can achieve this goal successfully, and it has been regarded as an easy and safe way to extend C drive on Server.

C drive, also named system drive, is usually used to install operating system, store temporary files, record browser caches, deploy applications, etc. As a result, it intends to be a lower space with time going by. Today, I'm glad to show you an easy and safe way to extend c drive on Server 2012 without rebooting system. Before it, let's learn something.

Disadvantage of disk management on Server 2012

A big surprise for Server 2012 is that it can shrink and extend volumes with the system built-in disk management. Unfortunately, the feature of "Extend Volume" only works when the unallocated space is directly behind the drive. What a pity!

As we all know, C drive has influence on the system running speed. If we do not extend it in time, the system may crash. In traditional ways, the only step is to delete or format drive. How tiresome! Because it will lead to the disaster of data lose.

Extend C drive on Server 2012 without rebooting system

From the situation above, we must try to find an easy and safe way to extend system drive. Here are the steps of Server partition magic to extend C drive without rebooting system.

Step 1: Free download the demo version of Partition Assistant Server Edition and open it. In the main interface, we will see the disk map. Then, please choose the option of "Extend Partition Wizard" in the left toolbar.


Step 2: After the selection, please click "Next" two times. Then, it will give us a direction to choose the partitions to free unallocated space. Tick one or more volumes to free space.

Select Partitions

Step 3: In the following window, drag the slider bar to the right to free space.

Extend Volume Size

Step 4: This interface will give us the detailed information about the operation of volumes. Please choose "Proceed" to execute all these operations.

Execute Operation

After executing all these operations, we can easily see the C drive becomes larger, and the system will not reboot. How convenient it is! Just server clicks and drags can extend C drive on Server 2012! Meanwhile, it also supports Server 2008/2003/2000 and Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000, both 32bit and 64 bit.