Samsung SSD Reset Tool to Return SSD to Factory

October 24, 2017

This assay introduces a reliable Samsung SSD reset tool which can be used for Samsung 830 EVO, SSD T1, portable SSD as well as Intel/Kingston/SanDisk SSD. Learn how to reset SSD to factory now.

You need Samsung SSD reset tool

Samsung Corp. is one of the most popular SSD manufacturers over the world. Samsung SSDs earn their own reputation due to high performance, better techniques and long warranty time. More and more people purchase Samsung SSD, install Samsung SSD, and use Samsung SSD, which could result to the demand of Samsung SSD factory reset tool.

Samsung SSD 830 256GB

When do you need this SSD reset utility? Actually, it is fairly easy to tell. The purpose of reset tool is to restore SSD lost performance and make it like fresh-out-of-the-box if possible. Therefore, when you find boot up time longer than before, program start up slower, known small files take up large disk space or any sign that indicates SSD’s performance is missing, it could be the time to reset Samsung SSD to factory settings.

How does Samsung SSD reset tool recover lost performance?

Before start, you may wonder what Samsung SSD recovery tool do and how it realizes SSD performance recovering. To understand this easier, you need to acquire two important things: SSD stores data with different structure and SSD has limited write times.

SSD data storing method decides the writing process to a sector is much longer if there is a file on that section, regardless it is marked deletion or not. To be specific, the file you delete is not really deleted, at least in a short period of time (it will be eventually erased by SSD TRIM but not that soon). If you write file to that sector, SSD would go through read-erase-modify-write loop. Obviously, the more files are stored, the longer the writing process. 

SSD’s limited writing times makes it cannot bear that many loops. The fewer writing times left, the shorter SSD service time. It is closely related to SSD writing.

Samsung SSD recovery software will perform Secure Erase to stop these hurting loops. That is, Secure Erase will wipe all data stored on SSD completely and next time when a new file writes to, it will write to SSD directly. That brings faster reading and writing speed as well as prolongs SSD lifespan. Secure Erase also applies to SSD data wiping permanently, with no possibility to recovery.

What Samsung SSD factory reset tool do you need?

When it comes to Samsung SSD maintenance, the first thing come into your mind would be Samsung Magician. Samsung Magician software works on virtually all Samsung SSD like Samsung SSD 830, SSD T1, SSD 850 EVO/PRO, etc.

Secure Erase feature in this program will destroy all stored data quickly and thoroughly. It also will create a new encryption key and restore Samsung SSD to its factory defaults. Please refer to Samsung SSD Secure Erase for detailed steps with screenshots.

Nevertheless, you’ll find Samsung Magician fails you sometimes, such as get into Samsung 850 EVO not detected in Windows 10 dilemma or cannot create bootable USB drive trouble. Even worse, Samsung Magician Secure Erase not working. No matter what problem you may face, you need to find a better replacement for this SSD recovery tool.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free disk manager that can let Samsung SSD reset to factory state and recover its lost performance. As a matter of fact, this software has different arrangements for HDD wiping and SSD erasing, which makes it more professional. With its intuitive user-interface, SSD secure erasing will become simple and easy. Download this freeware and have a try.

How to reset Samsung SSD to factory state without hurting it?

1. Connect your Samsung SSD to a Windows 7 based computer and make sure it is not the boot drive. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

2. Right click the Samsung SSD and select “SSD Secure Erase”. Please read the follow-up Note.

Samsung SSD Secure Erase

3. Select Samsung SSD from this list.

Choose Samsung SSD

4. You’ll find Samsung SSD in frozen state. Don’t panic. It is just a protection for your SSD data. Do a hot swap to unfreeze it.

Samsung SSD frozen state

5. You should be able to click “Next” after the hot swap. Then Samsung SSD secure erase progress will start.

Samsung SSD erasing process

Tips: AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is also Samsung portable SSD factory reset tool, Intel SSD and Kingston SSD reset tool, and many other brands of SSD. Also, it is not suggested to secure erase SSD frequently.

How to perform SSD hot swap?

  • a. Open the computer case and find the SSD you need to securely erase.

  • b. Unplug the SSD SATA cable and plug it back.

  • c. Return to AOMEI Partition Assistant and click “Confirm” to continue.

Note: The computer system cannot be powered down during the hot swap process. A power down will cause unlock failure.


There are many Samsung SSD reset tool out there, but AOMEI Partition Assistant is the one that won’t disappoint you. Except recover lost performance, you can use this software to move OS to a Samsung SSD without reinstalling. More features like format, delete all partitions, disk copy are embedded with.