​Download Free Partition Manager for Windows to Extend C Drive

August 14, 2017

Looking for free and easy partition manager tool for Windows 7/XP/8/10? Click to free download AOMEI partition manager programs to extend C drive and do other operations.

Why need free partition manager tool?

As we all know, the Disk Management in Windows can not entirely meets our needs. In Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP OS, we can only format/delete/create volumes and change labels. Although the advanced Windows OS like Windows 7 or later allows you to extend and shrink volume, it still has some limitations. What's more, just these operations cannot manage disk well. Thus, it is necessary for us to download free partition manager to realize more advanced or professional functions in hard drive.

Download free partition manager for Windows XP/7

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a free partition manager programs to extend C drive as well as to finish other tasks. Except for basic partition features, it provides advanced and additional functions, like disk copy, split/resize/merge/move volumes, allocate free space, display hard drive configuration in graphic form, etc. Moreover, it supports creating bootable media like bootable USB drive or CD/DVD for your computer. Once it cannot start normally, you can access to the hard drive and keep the data safe. In fact, there are some defects in Disk Management that cannot meet our daily requirement any more. Taking format volume for example, it cannot make the data totally disappear, and the data can be recovered by some methods. In other word, it is unable to ensure the safety. However, the wipe function in this software enables to delete the information permanently. What' more, it works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, both 32bit and 64bit.

Here is a screenshot of its main interface. From it, we can see so many operations can be directly accessed. Right click the volume, these features can also be seen.


After seeing the picture above, we know that the interface is user-friendly, and the simple wizard mode will assist you step by step at the same time. Moreover, it just takes a few steps to realize the tasks, and most of these operations don't need to reboot system, which saves a lot of time for us, especially for business users. In these processes, all the data will be protected.

Now, check it by yourself! Download free AOMEI partition manager and start the management. If feeling worried about the data's safety, you can back up the data first to examine whether it is right or not. If you are a Server user, please try AOMEI Partition Assistant Server edition. For company administrators and enterprise users, AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited is the most suitable one. All the partition problems can be solved easily with this free and easy partition manager.