Free Partition Magic to Extend Windows 7 and Convert to GPT

March 22, 2017

This article introduces free partition magic alternative software for Windows 7 and 10 which you can use to extend system to non-contiguous unallocated space and convert MBR to GPR in clicks.

Why need free partition magic for Windows 7?

With Windows 7 OS has been popularized around the world, a great number of people choose it as their assistant. Although it has increased some advanced features, there are still some limitations that cannot meet our daily disk partition operations. Here are two real cases:

"My system ran slower and slower these days, but I didn't know the exact reason. Having asked the professional computer users, I knew it happened to the system drive C:. Clearly, almost the whole C: had been occupied. In this case, they recommended me to extend the system drive. I was extremely happy, because I could solve the problem. So, I shrunk the larger volume D: to generate some unallocated space. However, it is inaccessible to extend C: by Windows 7 Disk Management. When I right-click C drive, the “Extend Volume” grayed out. What should I do?

"When creating new drive with the unallocated space, it always gives me a troublesome prompt. It makes me crazy because I can do nothing with it. Sometimes, I really want to break the warning, but I am afraid that the disk will be converted to dynamic disk. Once the conversion happens, a series of problems will come up one by one. It is really a big headache for me. Can you help me?

Use free partition magic alternative to solve above issues

Have you ever encountered above scenarios? The two problems cannot be solved by Disk Management in Windows 7. Even though there is unallocated space on the disk, you cannot extend partition to that space when the space is not adjacent to the partition. In this case, you need to move it behind system volume. However, Windows 7 Disk Management may disappoint you in this aspect. As for the second question, it is because there are already existing four primary partitions on the MBR disk, so you cannot create a new one. Both problems are still the same with Windows 8, 10 and Vista. Is there any way to help?

Yes! AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is coming to assist! It is the free partition magic software for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and it will help you to solve all the partition problems, including the two above. Meanwhile it can keep data safe during the whole process. It is worth recommending for you. Here are the steps to settle the problem one by one.

Extend system partition with free partition manager

As it mentioned above, there already an unallocated space behind D:. At this point, you just need to move it behind C:. Follow on the procedures below.

Step 1: It is necessary to download the free partition manager firstly and launch it.

Step 2: Right-click D: to select "Move Partition“. In the next window, drag D: to the right side. Then, please choose "OK“. After that, the unallocated space is behind C:.

Step 3: Right click C: and choose "Resize Partition“. Laying the mouse to the right side of C:, it will become a double-headed arrow. Drag it rightwards and select "OK“.

Extend Drive

Step 4: Remember to click "Apply“ to  execute the pending operations.

Tips: After step 2, you can also use the Windows 7 Disk Management to extend the system drive. Both are ok.

Convert MBR to GPT without losing data

As covered before, the second problem occurs due to the MBR disk limitation. You can only create at most four primary partitions on MBR disk. To solve this issue, you can either convert one of existing primary partitions to logical or convert MBR disk to GPT. The first solution is one-time work. If you want to create primary partition on this hard drive in the future, you have to convert again. To solve this issue thoroughly, the second solution is the most suitable. GPT disk supports create up to 128 primary partitions, which almost break the limitation. Now, let’s learn how to convert MBR to GPT with free partition magic.

Step 1: Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Right click your disk and select “Convert to GPT Disk”.

Convert to GPT disk.gif

Step 2: Click “OK” in the pop-up window.

Tips: This tool is also a free partition magic for Windows 10.

Is it easy to handle? Within only two steps, you can easily solve the problem permanently. As you can see from the screenshot, there are more features that can do you a big favor in computing. For example, you can migrate OS to Kingston SSD when you perform disk upgrading. To enjoy other features, please free download the free partition magic for Windows 7 operating system!