Download Best Free Partition Manage Tool to Extend C Drive

March 16, 2017

This article introduces the best free partition manager software AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard that can help you resize partition and extend C drive in Windows 7/8/10.

Why Need Free Partition Manager?

Several days before, I'm tired of the limited partitions. It is extremely inconvenient for me to store various files and programs. Sometimes, it makes me crazy, because I can't find the specific data in a short time. Meanwhile, the system is becoming slower and slower, which brings a big trouble for my work. However, these questions just trouble me a period of time. Now, I have found the best solution, and have known why I need to partition the disk. Let me show you one by one.

Basically, there are two aspects. One is for data safe and the other is for better management. Why need to keep data safe? Because when the system is attacked by virus, all the data or programs on the system drive will be lost and the only way is to reinstall the computer. In other word, if I create more volumes, I can keep the personal data or files in other volumes. When the system crashes or virus attacks, it will have no influence on other volumes. In this case, just reinstalling the system can recover the computer.

As for the second reason, it can perfectly explain the problem I mentioned above. For many users, especially for office worker, files are so important for them. I have a bad memory, so different files storing in various partitions will give me a big hand. Meanwhile, with classified files or programs being distributed from system partition, the operating system will run smoothly.

Best Free Partition Manager Tool for Windows 7/8/10

As I mentioned above, I have found a best solution to help me. Do you want to know? It is AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, which is free for all the home users. It supports the operating system of Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista (32bit and 64bit). Apart from the basic features for partitions, it provides some advanced and additional functions. For example, it is free partition manager to convert MBR to GPT, and vice versa. Besides, you can allocate free space, disk copy and so on. It is really a powerful magic tool. With it, I can easily handle the operations of resizing/moving/creating/merging partitions. Actually, I'm a green hand, but I operate it skillfully. What's more, most of operations do not need to restart the computer, which saves a lot of time. Just several clicks or drags, all the task can be finished. Besides, this software works perfect on both NTFS and FAT/FAT partitions. Free download partition manager tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, and have a try.


Free Partition Manager to Create and Resize Partition for Windows 7

In general, you can create partition in Windows Disk Management. So I’ll take resize Windows 7 data partition and then extend C drive for example.

Step1. Download, install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. At the main interface, right-click the drive you want to resize, say D drive, and select “Resize Partition”.

Step2. At the Move and Resize Partition, you are allowed to adjust partition size at will. Then click “OK”.

Step3. After the unallocated space has been generated, right-click C drive and select “Merge Partitions”.

Step4. At the pop-up Merge Partitions window, tick both C drive and the unallocated space boxes and click “OK”.

Step5. When back to the main interface, you’ll the virtual result. Click “Apply” at the top-left corner to make it real.

Don’t you find it is pretty easy to use the free partition manager program to extend C drive in Windows? If you’re a Server user, you can turn to AOMEI Partition Assitant Lite edition which is a free partition manager for Windows Server.