Learn to Split NTFS Boot Partition without Losing Data in Windows 7/8/10

Why need to split partition in Windows 7?

It is widely known that when the users purchase their computer, they find that there is only one drive, which doesn't satisfy them. Due to the system programs and personal data are kept in one volume, it is uneasy for people to manage the computer. Meanwhile, most people have the habit of dividing HDD partition of Windows 7 into several volumes to classify system program and personal data for safety. Supposing that the computer has been attacked by virus and it is unavailable to restart the system, the only way is to reinstall the system. Yet, most of your personal information, including photos, working files, videos, games, etc, will be in the state of losing. Thus, learning how to split partition without losing data is quite important to every user. In order to keep all data safe and manage all personal files better, it is a good idea to split existing partition in Windows 7 to create new simple volume.

How to split partition without data loss in Windows?

The Windows built-in tool Disk Management actually can help complete this task. Right click on the “My Computer” icon and select “Manage” in the menu. Click “Disk Management” in the left side. Now right click the redundant partition and select “Shrink Volume”. It will query for a while and tells you how much space you can shrink by. Follow the wizard to complete shrinking. Before long you would get an unallocated space next to said partition. Right click on it and select “New Simple Volume” to create a new partition.

This is quite simple yet some powerful tools like AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional have made these two steps into one click. No need to shrink at the beginning. What’s more, sometimes you cannot shrink C drive beyond half due to unmovable files. Although you have plenty of free space on the partition, Windows recognize the files cannot be moved so you will get a few space only. In that case, AOMEI Partition Assistant will reallocate these unmovable files and give you as much as possible free space. Download its free trial and have a try.

Quickly Split Partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant

Supposing you have only one volume of 30GB and you want to split it into two or more volumes based on not redeploying the system. With AOMEI Partition Assistant, it is an easy case to do the task. All of these operating procedures are suitable for Windows personal operating systems like Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista. Here are the steps (an example to split drive C into two drives)

Step 1: Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition. Right click volume C and select "Split Partition".

Split Partition

Step 2: Drag the slider bar of drive C or fill in the detail information. Then, click "OK".

Resize Volume

Step 3: In order to make sure these operations come into an effect, please select "Apply" on the toolbar.

Click Apply


  • This function also works on GPT disk, so feel free to split GPT partition with it.

  • When there are four primary partitions on a MBR disk, if you want to split one of them, the partition that is being split will be converted to logical partition automatically.

It is easy to operate for all people and it just takes 3-10 minutes to finish the task. Above method also applies to split partition on USB flash drive, external hard drive and portable hard drive without formatting. If you want to split partition in Windows Server 2008, please refer to AOMEI Partition Assistant Server edition. So download the powerful tool, you will enjoy all the features of the drive assistant to manage your disk better.