Best Windows 7 Disk Management Alternative – AOMEI Partition Assistant

July 24, 2017

Windows 7 Disk Management alternative AOMEI Partition Assistant is powerful partition manager that will break Disk Management’s limitation and solve practical issues for you.

About Windows 7 Disk Management

Windows 7 operating system is extremely popular around the world. Disk Management, also known as local disk management, is a system utility in Windows 7 for managing hard disks, partitions and volumes they contain. With this Windows 7 partition manager, the user can accomplish some disk-related tasks, including extending system partition, shrinking partition, creating, formatting, etc. Most configuration changes take effect immediately. Here are three ways to access it

  • (Recommended) Right click "Computer"→ select "Management"→ click "Storage" in the left side→choose "Disk Management"

  • Click "Start"→select "Control Panel"→choose "System and Security"→click "Administrative Tools"→double click "Computer Management"→Select "Disk Management"

  • Click "start" →choose "Run"→Type in "diskmgmt.msc"→click "Enter"

Problems of Windows 7 Disk Management

Although the Disk Management in Windows 7 is superior to Windows XP/2000/2003 in resizing partition, it still has few disadvantages, which is the same as Windows 2008 and Vista. Generally speaking, Extend Volume greyed out and New Simple Volume greyed out are two most obvious problems.

  • Extend system partition
  • It is a universal problem puzzled almost everyone. Seeing more and more files and programs kept in the system drive, the computer gradually becomes slow. In this case, it is fortunate to have unallocated space in the disk. Yet, the "Extend Volume" option is grayed out when use Disk Management in Windows 7. Thinking twice, it is the reason that there is another volume between system volume and unallocated space. What's more, there is no option for moving volume.

  • Create partition
  • Creating new drive is the common operation for users, because they want to better manage the data and files. When using the snap-in Disk Management in Windows 7, it's a pity to receive the two pictures below:

    Windows 7 Error 1
    Windows 7 Error 2

By checking the mistakes, the reason is that the primary drives' number is only four at most. Thus, the best solution is to delete one or more primary partition to repartition.

Best Windows 7 Disk Management alternative

How to solve the problems above? The answer is to find a best third party tool. AOMEI Partition Assistant is the perfect choice. It is made up of simple interface and just takes a few seconds to finish the task. Even a green hand can handle it easily. Compared with the features in Disk management of Windows 7, it can reach the goals of resizing FAT partition, moving/hiding/unhide volumes, converting FAT to NTFS, wiping and coping volumes/disks, while the built-in tool can't. Although the snap-in tool can resize NTFS partition and create drive, it still has some limitations. It is a piece of cake for Windows 7 Disk Management tool to achieve these goals. Here is the main interface:

Main Interface

It is the absolute freeware with several advanced features. To enjoy all the features, please download it directly and solve more practical troubles like Delete Volume greyed out, Shrink Volume not responding and so on.