Best Way to Realize Dual Boot Windows 7 and XP

July 26, 2017

How to realize Windows 7 and Windows XP dual boot on same hard drive? The following guide will show you steps of preparing and performing dual boot with free AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Why dual boot Windows 7 and XP?

Along with Windows 7 operating system has been announced, a great many of people speak highly of it. Many users want to install it based on curiosity, while others prefer it due to its advanced functions. It is a fact that Windows 7 supports for VMware disk, improved performance on multi-core processors, Direct Access, kernel improvements, etc. Meanwhile, it can recognize the handwriting. With so fantastic software, are you being touched? Also, you may want to install the Windows XP back on the new purchased Windows 7 computer.

Definitely! A lot of people want to enjoy the features of Windows 7. However, there is still a problem for them. Being accustomed to the previous system of XP, they do not want to abandon it. In other word, they intend to install Windows 7 and XP together.

How to dual boot Windows 7 and XP on same hard drive? Apparently, a third party tool is needed. Fortunately, Partition Assistant can be the best friend to solve the problem completely. Keep reading to acknowledge the dual boot Windows 7 and XP tutorial.     

Preparation for Windows 7, XP dual boot

Before deploying Windows 7 or Windows XP, you need to repartition the disk or just use it for its installation. In the first place, please free download the partition software and run it.

First, you will see all the drives' information on the main interface. It is not difficult to find that G has a large unallocated space. In this case, you may want to resize G to create a new drive. Right click G and select "Resize Partition".

Resize Partition

Second, drag the slider bar leftwards to free up some space, 80 GB at least. In the process of dragging, you can move G at the same time. Later, choose "OK" to go on.

Move and Resize Partition

Third, click the unallocated space to select "Create Partition". Clicking "Advanced", it will show up the entire information of new drive. Choose the right option on each box or drag the double-head arrow leftwards. Move is available during the process. Then, click "OK".

Specify Partition

Finally, do not forget to choose "Apply" to commit the task



  • Please make sure the new drive is primary partition and the lowest capacity must be 80GB.

  • It is better to use the entire D drive as the installation partition for Windows 7 because it has more system files and programs. 

Install Windows 7 on the new drive step by step

After creating the new drive, you can prepare to install Windows 7 system. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Load your Windows 7 system disk and restart your computer. Please make sure the system disk has the workable booting in the system BIOS.

Step 2: Please do as the installation guide and you just need to click the mouse one by one. Make sure to select the installation type of Custom (advanced).

Step 3: Select the new drive you just created and click "Next". Please guarantee your right choice to avoid wiping other Windows installation.

Step 4: The Windows OS will reboot a few times automatically in the process. At last, you will receive the prompts to set up your account and the license key to enter.

With the partition software AOMEI Partition Assistant, it is a piece of cake to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP on the same hard drive. Why don't you download it to have a try? With this all-around software, you can even install Windows 10 on external hard drive or use the same method to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 10.