How to Add Unallocated Space into Partition in Windows 10 Safely?

May 8, 2017

Learn how to add unallocated space into partition for Windows 10 can help you take full advantage of your storage space.

Why Need to Add Unallocated Space in Windows 10 Partition?

Unallocated space doesn’t belong to any partition, which refers to no programs or data are allowed to write to it. However, it can store deleted files, when Operating System saves another file in the same place, the previous data will be over-write. In fact, to take full use of storage space, the computer users will add unallocated space into partition in Windows 10 or create a new partition on the unallocated space.

Actually, you can benefit most from the unallocated space on hard drive Windows 10. For example, with time goes by, the increasing data, cache, or temporary files will take up the large space of your hard drive. Maybe one day, you will receive low disk space warning, especially for your system partition. From then on, you will be troubled by low speed or low wok efficiency. Many computers may have come across the problem. So how can we solve the problem?

Of course, there is a method for you. That is adding unallocated space into partition Windows 10, which means you can expand partition with unallocated space. And then you can solve the low disk space in Windows 10.

How to Add Unallocated Space in Windows 10 Partition?

For Window 10 users, there are two common ways for you to add unallocated space to a partition. One is Windows 10 Disk Management; another is third-party software.

Add unallocated space to the contiguous partition

Disk Management is a tool in Windows 10 which is able to delete/extend/create/ format partition. You can enter the tool by right-clicking This PC > Manage > Disk Management. Then when there is unallocated space next to the partition you want to add unallocated space into, just right-click the partition and choose Extend Volume.

If the unallocated space is in the extended partition, which is shown as Free space in Disk Management, then you cannot add it to primary partition even if they are contiguous. in that case, you need to move Free space out extended partition. In addition, you cannot add unallocated space to logical partition.

Extend Volume Greyed out

However, if there is no unallocated space adjacent to the partition, the Extend Volume will be grayed out, then, you need to add unallocated space. For instance, in the pop-up windows, there is no unallocated next to C partition on Disk 0, when you right click partition C, you will see the button is grayed out.

Why does this happen? The reason is that the feature of Extend Volume is only available when there is unallocated space next to the primary partition or Free space next to a logical partition. Therefore, when you need use this tool, you should make sure you meet the precondition. If you want to add unallocated space or free space to any partition without these limitations, you can try third party software.

Merge unallocated space to any partition

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is a powerful and complete partition management tool, which can help you control partitions safely. With this software, you can add unallocated space into a partition no matter there is unallocated space behind the partition without losing any data.

Step1: Download this software, install, and apply it. Right click the partition you hope to add unallocated space on disk and then choose Merge Partitions. (eg.C partition)

Step2: Choose the unallocated space and then click OK.

Step3: In the pop-up window, you will realize the size of partition has been increased. To perform the operation, please click Apply.

Apart from merging partition, extending partition can also helps you add unallocated space into a partition. Moreover, allocating free space can add free space from a partition to another partition directly. In a word, this software makes you PC partition management much easier and safer than before. If you are a user who wants to safely manage partition, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is your good choice.