Quickly Fix Windows Cannot Run Disk Checking on This Volume in Windows 10

February 12, 2018

This article demonstrates how to fix the error that Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write-protected in Windows 10.

Windows 10 can’t run CHDSK says write-protected

CHKDSK is a powerful Windows built-in Windows tool, which can assist you in checking disk integrity, file system errors and bad sectors so on. It is common that you choose to run disk checking when you trapped in poor situations. For example, you are unable to open files stored on your USB flash drive, SD card or external & internal hard drive. However, when you run CHKDSK on certain partition in Windows 10, there are chances that you will encounter the error message given below:

The type of the file system is NTFS.

Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write-protected.

Why it happens?

If a disk is write-protected, that is to say the disk is read-only disk. And you are only allowed to read the data on the disk and you are not permitted to add new data to it or delete & modify old data on it. Write protection can prevent you from accidentally removing or changing the already existing data.

In general, the problem Windows unable to run disk checking this volume saying write protection in Windows 10 can be caused by the following factors:

  • Some USB flash drives or SD card reader own physical switch; if the switch is “ON”, your drive will be write-protected.

  • The drive on which you need to run CHKDSK has been set as “Readonly” in attribute.

  • The Value in Windows Registry Key is been set incorrectly.

  • The file system of the drive is corrupted or damaged out of some unknown reasons.

  • The selected drive is infected by virus.

How to solve it?

As having realized the possible reasons causing the error aforementioned, it is time for you to get detailed information about how to solve Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume in Windows due to write protection. Here offers you six simple ways and you can pick up one or more based on your own specific situation.

Remove write protection in CMD

When you can’t run” chkdsk n: /f” due to write protection, you can type “chkdsk n: / f/r/x” (“n” is the drive letter of the partition on which you need to run this CHDKSK command.) and hit “Enter” to solve this problem. This command can fix errors, locate bad sectors on the disk and unmount disk.

Note: If your system has been set with write protection on removable device, this command will be invalid and the error “Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume…” will still appear.

CHKDSK Failed to Run

Edit Windows Regirstry Key

If you are in such case, you can open Registry to edit check whether the value data of StoragDevciePolicies WriteProtect. The steps are as follows:

1. Press “Windows + R” at the same time and type “regedit”. Then, press “Enter” key.

2. Navigate to the path below:


PS: If there is no “StorageDevicePokicies” under “Control”, right click “Control”, go to “New”>“Key” and Name the Key with StorageDevicePolicies. Then, right click white space at the right-hand pane and choose “New”>“DWORD (32-bit)” and name it with WriteProtect.

3. Double click WriteProtect, and set the “Value data” to 0.

4. Close Registry Editor.

Registry Editor

Set the write protection switch to unlock position

When your drive is with a physical write protection switch you can check whether it is in lock position. If it is, you should adjust it to unlock position. Then, you are able to run disk checking without the error message above. If your drive is without such physical switch or the switch is on “OFF” side, you can overlook this solution.

Clear readonly attribute via Diskpart

If your drive has been set as readonly in Diskpart, you will be unable to run CHDDSK on the drive in Windows 10 as well. In such case, do as the detailed steps given below to clear readonly attribute:

1. Press “Windows + R” input “diskpart” and hit “Enter” key.

2. Type the command lines below in order and every command shall be accompanied with hitting “Enter” key:

“list volume” > “select volume h” , where “h” is the number of the write-protected volume > “attributes disk clear readonly”.

Clear Readonly

3. Type “exit” when you are prompted that Disk attributes cleared successfully.

Then, you can try to run CHKDSK again to see whether the error disappears.

Format the write-protected partition via third party software

If the solutions described are invalid, you can format your write-protected drive via third party software –AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Free download it and follow the step-by-step tutorial presented below:

PS:Be cautious to format because this operation will delete all data on the partition. Well, the deleted data can be retrieved by some file recovery software.

1. Download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant. Locate the write-protected partition, right click it and select “Format.”

Format Partition to Fix Cannot Run CHKDSK

2. Here you can determine the partition’s Partition Label, File System and Cluster Size.

Format Partition

3. After reviewing this operation, you can click “Apply”>“Proceed” to execute it.

Apply Proceed


  • This freeware is not only suitable for Windows 10, but also for Windows 8.1/8/7, XP and Vista.

  • It is available to wipe partition or delete partition as well via AOMEI Partition Assistant.


It is unnecessary to try all solutions listed above one by one. Consider the most possible reason of this error and take responding solution to settle “Windows cannot run disk checking in Windows 10 because of write protection” issue.