How to Change Partition Size in Windows 7 with Free Partition Software?

December 10, 2015

Freeware to change partition size in Windows 7 by shrinking and extending volume without losing data or rebooting computer. AOMEI Partition Assistant is a free partition software for Windows 7.

Why do you need to change Windows 7 partition size?

Partition is the main storage unit in a computer to store information on a hard disk, but it can not be used directly. You must divide one disk into chunks of areas, which are called partitions.

You may notice that there’s only one C drive on a disk when you buy a new Windows 7 computer. Thus, operating system, programs and all data will be stored in it. If the Windows 7 needs to be restored, C drive or said system disk will be formatted. And those programs and data will no longer exist. Sometimes, the staff help you to partition hard drive, but you may feel unsatisfied with the unreasonable disk space allocation. In order to deal with such kind of problems, you need to change partition size in Windows 7.

How to change partition size for Windows 7?

Although Windows 7 has built-in Disk Management, there are many limitations. For instance, if you want to increase the size of C drive, you can only use the unallocated space next to it and just on the right side. However, AOMEI Partition Assistant solves it perfectly. Here you can find methods to change partition size, including shrinking and extending partition.

Before you do:

  • Check the partitions you want to change size so that make sure there’s no error or bad sectors.
  • Close all running applications on the partitions you want to change size.
  • Do not forcibly terminate the tasks or cut off the power in case of data loss.

Then, download free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard (not only supports Windows 7, but also Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Vista and Windows XP). Install and launch it.

To shrink: shrinking a partition can release some unused space so that you can increase another partition.

Step1: Choose the partition (here is D) you want to change size and right click on it. Select "Resize Partition".

Resize Shrinking

Step2: Move the mouse pointer to the border of the partition (here is left side) and drag it. Then click "OK".

Drag The Border

To extend: An unallocated space appears before D. Now C drive can be extended.

Step1: Resize C this time.

Extend C

Step2: At last, don’t forget to click "Apply" on the toolbar to start the operation.

Apply Operation

Please pay attention that the operation will be performed under PreOS Mode and your computer will reboot if you shrink system boot partition or shrink a partition where applications are running.

The whole process is very safe without any data loss. AOMEI Partition Assistant also allows you to extend a partition even without unallocated space, such as "Merge Partitions".

In general, Windows 7 change partition size helps you manage the system and files more effectively. It can improve the writing and reading speed of the computer. Besides, Your computer will not be infected with computer virus easily.