Easily Fix SSD Alignment in Windows 8 for Good Performance

July 27, 2017

With the advent of Windows 8/8.1, more and more people want to experience the new Windows operating system, Then we need to know how to fix SSD alignment in Windows 8. With AOMEI Partition Assistant is an easy way to do.

Since there are many advantages of SSD disk such as speeding up your boot-up, reducing power consumption, so more and more people changed HDD to SSD when they upgraded to Windows 8. The Windows 8 operating system offers improvements in performance, existing capabilities, and is cheaper. So we think SSD with Windows 8 is a good combination.

However, things are not a bed of roses. When you have migrated your Windows 8 to a SSD or you have replaced your hard disk with SSD. After check the alignment you find the partition offset is not fine. In the process of using SSD, you find its properties have been influenced. That’s because partition is not aligned when SSD is partitioned. Since the alignment of your SSD is not divisible by 4KB, so you suffer a noticeable performance degradation. How to solve the problem? The answer is clear: align SSD partition, that is fixing SSD alignment in Windows 8.

The most easiest and fastest way to fix Windows 8 SSD alignment is using AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Download the program from here: AOMEI Partition Assistant, a professional partition management software. There are only few steps to align partition when you use AOMEI Partition Assistant: Run the program. Right click the partition. Select partition alignment. Detailed steps please refer to Align Partition.

Partition Alignment

After you have fixed SSD alignment, not only will improve reading and writing speeds drastically but also will extend the life of your SSD. What’s more important, you can enjoy the fun brought by Windows 8 much better.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a multi-functional partition manager, can complete almost all partition management operations. Besides aligning SSD partition, you can also check partition, hide partition, change drive letter or label, convert MBR to GPT, convert FAT/FAT 32 to NTFS and more. In particular, new function: Windows to Go Creator. This pushed Windows 8 Enterprise Edition limitation. You can make a Windows to Go USB on Windows 7 or Windows 8 any editions. AOMEI Partition Assistant provides powerful functions and supported by widely Windows OSes, both Windows PC editions and Windows Server editions, 32-bit and 64-bit. I think AOMEI Partition Assistant is worth owning.