Migrate Windows 8 to SSD without Reinstalling System

April 25, 2016

If you want to improve the performance of your computer or replace the smaller system drive with a larger one, you need to migrate operating systems like Windows 8 to a new SSD. Actually, it is not an easy work, but now, AOMEI Partition Assistant may make it an easy job.

Some people do not know when or why migrate operating system like Windows 8 to SSD, well, that depends on your needs, and in other words, it should meet your requirements. Usually, there are two cases that need to migrate OS. One is migrating OS to SSD to get a better performance, and another is exchanging the smaller system drive with a larger one. In that case, you need to migrate your Windows 8 to SSD.

Now you know that install a solid-state drive is one of the best upgrades you can make to the computer, but migrate your Windows installation like Windows 8 to a smaller drive can be a tough work since your data will not necessarily fit all on the drive. And more questions that you may have encountered in the process of migrating Windows 8 to SSD.

Q: I bought the Windows 8 upgrade and installed it on my old HD. At some point in the future I wanted to build my own computer with a SSD. I do not understand something about system migration but I wonder if there is any way or software can help me migrate my Windows 8 to the SSD.
Q: I want to move Windows 8 to the SSD alone with some programs. I want to clean install it to avoid alignment issues etc, and if there is an easy method or utility to help me migrate without reinstallation.

Those questions are all from internet users, some of them do not know how to migrate Windows 8 to SSD, and some of them were looking for ways of migrating Windows 8 to SSD without reinstallation. Here, we got one way, a powerful tool named AOMEI Partition Assistant, which can help you migrate Windows 8 without reinstallation.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a powerful OS migration software with a users-friendly main interface and clear wizards. This software is easy to operate so that you can migrate your Windows 8 just with a few clicks of the mouse and it is for free of charge and without reinstallation. Here are the screenshot for the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition.

AOMEI Partition Assistant
Migrate OS to SSD

You may read the detailed steps on "How to migrate OS to SSD with Partition Assistant?"

Note: If you want to migrate Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, you may download AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition.