Hard Drive Partition on Windows 7 64 Bit with All-in-one Partition Assistant
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Windows7 64 bit is the next edition of Windows client operating system. It is based on the security of Windows Vista and Windows Server2008. 64-bit editions of Windows 7 centers performance, reliability, security, and compatibility as the core principles. A 64-bit edition of Windows 7 takes full advantage of the increased RAM and multi-tasking capabilities of 64-bit PCs. For example, a 64 bit PC can deal with larger capacity of information than a 32 bit system, you can operate programs more favorably.

Yes, 64-bit edition of Windows 7 is more advanced than 32 bit and possesses more optimized performance, but, if you want to manage partition and resize hard drive partition on Windows 7 64 bit, maybe it is not very satisfactory. Because it will not allow move the partition, shrink partition to one half of the original size, in the mean time, you can’t extend hard drive partition from other spare partition if it has one partition next to it. Hide, check error, delete data permanently and convert file systems, such series of basic hard drive partition operations can not realized as well. So, partition software will give you a hand.

Firstly, after download this hard drive partition software, it will show you the interface of Partition Assistant, you can accomplish the functions on this partition software, such as extend, shrink, move, create, and delete partition etc at will, easily, conveniently!

Windows 7 64bit Partition Manager

Secondly, choose the partition you want to resize then right-click; choose the function you need to run. Handle them according to the directives. More details, click here: User Manual. It will give you more operating instructions open-and-shut.

Right Click on Partition Software

There is no doubt that 64 bit computer system will standard in the near future. Then, there is no doubt that the all-in-one Partition Assistant is the best choice to finish hard drive partition operations as well.

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Partition Assistant Standard Edition (FREEWARE)

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