Manage 4K Hard Drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant Manager

December 18, 2014

Nowadays, the emergence of large capacity hard drive leads the tendency of hard drive development and the 4K hard drive is a reaction to meet the needs of storing more and more data on computers. To manage the big storage devices well, you need to ask third party software for help.

As more and more data are stored on computers, the original old hard drive is no longer meeting the needs any more. As storage densities have increased dramatically, changes are coming in the hard drive industry over the years. The most elemental aspect of hard drive design, the logical block format size known as a sector, has remained constant.

Over the past decades, data storage hard drives have been formatted into small logical blocks. 512 bytes sector is the legacy and the fundamental format standard and it is still widely used in many aspects of modern computer systems. In earlier times, it was reported that Dell was transitioning its hard drives to 4k sector models for the new systems. Now, this is happening on some other computer systems and it is predicted that the format of hard disk drives will be transformed from 512-byte sectors to 4k sectors.

4K hard drive is a reaction to the emergence of large capacity hard drive which leads the tendency of hard drive development. 4K hard drive track is made up of 4096-byte sectors, also known as 4K or 4KB sectors. Advanced Format was nominated and approved as the name for the standard of 4K-byte sectors and firstly committed to shipping new hard drive platforms for desktop and notebook products beginning in 2011. Over time, 4K hard drive will dominate the market and expect all these legacy assumptions to suddenly change.

Although 4K hard drive improves the storage capacity and be able to meet the demand of larger data storage, it is still in a startup and there are few applications that can recognize it. There is hardly any software can support 4K hard drive or manage it until I found the brand new partition software named AOMEI Partition Assistant. This is the newly-updated AOMEI Partition Assistant software and it is completely support hard disk with 4096 bytes sector size.


4K Hard Drive

AOMEI Partition Assistant has more new features than that, and you may refer to the features page to learn more or download the software to have a try.