Upgrade SSD in Acer Aspire laptops for OS Migration in Windows 7/8/10/XP

May 5, 2017

How to upgrade HDD with larger SSD for Acer Aspire One laptop in Windows 7/8/10/XP? Use AOMEI Partition Assistant to do Acer Aspire SSD replacement safely without reinstalling Windows.

Why You Upgrade SSD for Acer Aspire?

Generally, SSD drive as boot drive in computer is relatively small. Upgrading SSD in computers means you can replace the original small SSD drive with a larger SSD drive as you wish and transfer system files to the larger one. Why should you upgrade the SSD drive? You may refer to these reasons:

  • Improve the speed of reading and writing.

  • Reduce the boot time.

  • Get a better performance than ever.

  • Get more free space.

As we all known, SSD drive has a better performance than traditional hard drive (HDD). Thus, the computer manufacturer produced a series of high-performance computers with SSD installed like Acer Aspire computers, like Acer Aspire S7, S5, S3, V5, etc. However, most of them have a 128GB SSD plus 1TB HDD drive usually. You’ll find that there is no enough spare room on your system hard disk day by day. You may think over the SSD upgrade for your Acer Aspire One laptop.

Before You Upgrade

How to transfer Windows system on the original SSD drive to a new larger SSD for Acer Aspire SSD upgrade? Before you do, you have something to prepare.

  • Your Acer Aspire laptop with Windows installed.

  • SATA to USB cable.

  • A new larger SSD drive. Choose a nice SSD device like Toshiba OCZ SSD, Crucial SSD, Samsung SSD, SanDisk SSD, etc.

  • An SSD migration tool. You can download AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to have a try since its powerful system migration feature and disk partitioning functions in Windows 7, 8, 10, XP.

At this moment, you could replace Acer Aspire hard drive with ease.

How to Replace Acer Aspire SSD to Larger SSD?

To introduce how to do Acer Aspire SSD upgrade and make it easy to understand. We’ll walk you through the Acer Aspire SSD replacement with the all detailed steps below. Before that, backup your new larger SSD drive and connect it with your computer via the SATA to USB cable.

Step 1: Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant. On the main window, select "Migrate OS to SSD" at the left panel to upgrade Acer Aspire SSD. A window will inform you, click "Next" and go next.

Migrate OS to SSD

Step 2: Select an unallocated space on the larger SSD drive. If there is no one, check the "I want to delete all partitions on this disk 2 to migrate system to the disk" option. Then hit "Next".

Select Disk Space

Step 3: Resize the new partition on the larger SSD, partition size and its location included, and press "Next".

Resize Partition

Tips: A window will prompt you how to boot from the larger SSD drive, make sure you have noted and click Finish.

Boot OS

Step 4: Click "Apply" to confirm replace SSD for Acer Aspire.


Upon finishing this operation, disconnect the larger SSD drive and shut down your computer, unpack the panel underneath, replace the original SSD with the larger one. Then restart your Acer Aspire laptop, all the procedure of Acer Aspire SSD upgrade is done. If your new SSD drive has an unallocated space, you can create partition on it. Besides, you can create bootable media for system restore in case Windows cannot boot. In addition, AOMEI Partition Assistant offers many useful features, extend partition, partition recovery and NTFS to FAT32 converter, etc.