By Emily / Last Updated October 15, 2019

Need to format Patriot flash drive

Patriot flash drive, a popular storage device, can be used for expending storage or media to transfer data between different devices or back up files. And usually we need to format the Patriot USB flash drives in the following cases:

  • Case 1. Before you try to use the flash drive to store data, you need to first format it to a certain file system.

  • Case 2. If the flash drive is filled up with old and unnecessary files and leave no space for other important data, you can format it to free up the disk space.

  • Case 3. When your Patriot flash drive is write-protected, then you cannot access and add new files to it. Therefore, you had better reformat it to remove the write protection for reuse.

  • Case 4. The current or default file system of your Patriot flash drive is not compatible with computers or not suitable for some large files, like videos, you have to format it to a proper file system like NTFS.

Cannot format Patriot USB drives via Windows built-in tools

Generally speaking, the Windows built-in tools, like Disk Management, Diskpart command prompt, are the first choices most computer users will make.

1) Format the flash drive via Disk Management: open Disk Management by right clicking This PC, and clicking "Disk Management" under "Storage" Tab ->locate and right click the Patriot flash drive->choose "Format" from the drop-down menu-> choose your desired file system and click OK.

2) Format the flash drive via Diskpart command prompt: open the command prompt by typing "cmd" at the search box, right click the program and select "Run as Administrator". Type diskpart and press enter to launch the program. The input the following commands in turn and press enter after each:list disk-> select disk # (# refers to the number of the Patriot flash drive) -> clean-> create partition primary-> format fs=fat32.

Usually, these two methods work well. But when you want to a flash drive over 32GB to FAT32, you will find that Disk Management won’t offer the FAT32 file system for you to choose during the formatting process. And in the Diskpart, you will get an error message reporting: the volume size is too big.

Volume Size Is Too Big

Best Patriot flash drive format tool

As talked about above, the Windows built-in formatting tools might fail to format the drives. Under such situations, you might need a powerful Patriot flash drive formatter- AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It is a versatile freeware utility designed for formatting any USB storage devices like USB flash drive/stick/pen drive/portable drive, SD card, or other external hard drives into NTFS, exFAT, Ext2/3/4, FAT32 file systems. It supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. For Windows Server users, you can try the Server edition.

How to format Patriot flash drive in Windows10/8/7 via AOMEI Partition Assistant?

To format Patriot flash drive successfully using fore-mentioned software, please do as follow (we will take formatting flash drive to FAT32 in Windows 10 as an example).

Before you start formatting

1) Since formatting will delete all the data on the flash drive, so please copy partition to another disk in order to ensure the data security.

2) Connect the flash drive that you intend to format to the computer, and make sure the computer can detect and display it in its main screen.

3) Download the free flash drive formatter, install it according to the hints.

Step 1. Run the software, find out the Patriot flash drive and right click it to choose Format Partition from the drop-down menu.

Format Partition 500GB Drive

Step 2. In the pop-out mini window, select FAT32 under File System tab and click OK.

Choose FAT32

Tips: You can also add a partition label so as to distinguish it from other partitions easily when necessary. And you are able to change the Cluster size as you like.

Step 3. Click Apply->Proceed to commit the pending operation.

Apply 500GB Drive


In this article, we mainly focus on how to format a flash drive to FAT32 via a professional Patriot flash drive format tool. Also, you can run it and take same steps to format flash drive to other file systems. Moreover, AOMEI Partition Assistant is also able to convert NTFS to FAT32 without losing data, and vice versa. If you upgrade to Professional edition, you can recover lost partition, convert system disk beteween MBR and GPT, extend system partition with ease.