By Cherry / Last Updated September 3, 2019

Scenario: Once, a friend said to me that his Windows 7 didn’t boot after he uninstalling Ubuntu. He went into Disk Management and deleted the partitions for Ubuntu and reallocated the unallocated space to drive C. But after restarting the OS, the Windows won’t boot any more, and he got a prompt “error: no such partition. ( next line) grub rescue>”. This was confused him.

Here recommends a method to make the Windows reboot after uninstalling Ubuntu.

About Ubuntu

Unbuntu, a Linux OS which is very convenient for users. The Unbuntu aimed at providing the newest and pretty stable operation system consist of free software. Comparing with Windows, Ubuntu is more convenience. Such as shut down the system, the Windows should click the start menu first and then click the shut down button. But you just need to put your mouse to the right top at the screen, the open and shut down are all in there.

The Reason Why Windows Won’t Boot after Uninstalling Ubuntu

Nowadays, more and more people want to use the very popular Linux OS. So, more and more people installed the Ubuntu like my friend. Users also don’t expect to give up Windows system, in order to solve the problem, they have dual boot Windows system and Ubuntu. However, with time goes by, most of people found that it’s not so much easy to handle the Ubuntu or other reasons so that they want to abandon it. When people uninstalled Ubuntu, they will find that their Windows won’t boot after that. Why? When Ubuntu has been installed, it always accompanied with GRUB or LILO of Linux on MBR. After delete the Ubuntu, the boot process on MBR always be destroyed or damaged so that Windows won’t boot after uninstalling it.

How to Deal with the damaged MBR

Well, the MBR was damaged, and for this, we can rebuild the MBR to repair or add boot code by using AOMEI Partition Assistant. We can unplug the damaged disk or plug this disk to another machine, just run AOMEI Partition Assistant on the computer and rebuild MBR for this disk. As you can’t boot Windows normally, so we need to create Windows PE bootable CDwith AOMEI Partition Assistant on another computer to boot up your computer at first. After this you can continue to rebuild MBR.

Step1.Choose the disk and right click to get the “Rebuild MBR”, or select “Rebuild MBR” under the “Disk Operations”.

Rebuild System Disk Mbr

Step2. Set up of MBR for the current OS according to your operating system.

Choose Mbr Type

Step3. Click the “Apply” on the toolbar to commit the task.


The whole processes are very simple. Rebuild MBR wouldn’t loss any data. So, don’t worry about data safe.

I hope that this passage will help you to boot the Windows after uninstalling Ubuntu. All the steps are very easy. For the price and the features, it’s cost-effective by comparing with other software. Besides, downloadthe free edition in their official web is also permitted.