Why can't I Delete Partition in Windows 7?

December 23, 2014

In many forums, the question of

With the development of computer technology, more and more disk problems occur to the Windows users. In many forums, the question of "I cannot delete partition Windows 7" can be heard frequently as well. As for this problem, there are mainly two reasons about it.

  • The partition you want to delete is the system drive.
  • Please look at the screenshot below.

    Drive C is the System Drive

    Sometimes, users who have installed dual system may want to delete one of them to get some free space. As known to most of the Windows users, the system drive that includes the running OS can not be deleted by Disk Management or other third party software. In this case, the only solution is to start another OS that you want to save to delete the one. If you just have one OS, and you want to delete it. You can mount the computer to another one to complete the operation.

  • The partition you want to delete includes the file of "Pagefile.sys"
    Drive E Includes the Page File

Pagefile.sys is the Windows virtual memory swap file to store frames of memory. Data is stored in the paging file when Windows determines that it needs more space in physical memory. It is a hidden system file, and it is impossible to be read or access. In this case, how to resolve it?

With the Windows built-in Disk Management utility, the only way is to remove the "filepage.sys" file to another drive, and then delete the partition. However, the operation of removing is very complicated so that a powerful disk manager will be strongly recommended to all the Windows users. That is AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, which owns many superb functions in handling disk troubles. As for the task of deleting drive that includes the pagefile document, it can accomplish at ease.

The picture below is the screenshot of its main interface.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition

Apart from the ability of deleting, it has many other functions as well. Therefore, if any disk problem exists, just download the tool, and handle it right away.