By Cherry / Last Updated August 21, 2019

About dynamic disk and mirrored volumes

Dynamic disk is an advanced disk format, because it can create simple/ spanned/ striped/ mirrored/ RAID5 volumes. With these helpful functions, it provides better service of protecting data and enhancing read/write performance. Mirrored volume (provide data redundancy) is fault tolerance because it can write data into two disks simultaneously. When one disk fails or corrupts, you still have a backup to replace the failed or corrupted one. Because of this advantage, many people covert their basic disks to dynamic mirrored volumes.

However, after creating mirrored volumes, some one may want to covert dynamic mirrored volume back to basic disk because they find it is not that fit for them. It is well known Windows internal disk management tool can only convert an empty dynamic disk back to basic, so if you want to covert dynamic mirrored volume to basic, 3td party software is needed.

Change dynamic disk with mirrored volumes back to basic easily

can convert dynamic disk with mirrored volume back to basic without destroying data and supports operating systems including Windows 7/8/Vista/XP and Server 2003/2008/2011/2012.

The operation is so simple:

1. You just need to open AOMEI software and launch its built-in dynamic disk manager.

2. Then right click the dynamic disk with mirrored volume and select Convert to Basic Disk option in the drop down menu. You can preview it through the following screenshot:

Covert to basic

3. Click "Commit" button on the toolbar to submit the operation.

After the above steps are finished, the dynamic disk will ne converted to basic.