By AOMEI / Last Updated September 3, 2019

I have a 120GB hard disk drive in my old computer. Many of my personal stuffs is stored in there, such as the pictures of my dogs, the videos of my friends and family and some games downloaded from Steam. However, since the high definition formats have become popular, hard drive with only 120GB capacity seems to be outmoded. Then I purchase a HDD with 500GB space and also want to copy all the files and folders from the old HDD to the new one. what makes me confused is that what hard drive cloning software I will choose.

The situation above must have been encountered by many of the computer users today. We need to find an easy and safe way to clone an entire hard disk. Specialized disk cloning software‎ like AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard may be an ideal solution for PC Clone.

In order to make sure the system is bootable on the new hard drive, a large enough unallocated space must exist. If there isn’t, we can use Windows built in Disk Management to delete existed partitions first to create unallocated partition.

Step1. Download, install and launch Partition Assistant and go to All Tools> Disk Copy Wizard.

Disk Copy Wizard

Step2. In the pop up window, select the copy method: 1. Quick Copy Disk (recommended, only copy the used space.) 2. Sector-to-Sector Copy (Copy all the sector no matter they are used or not.) Then click Next.

Copy Disk Quickly

Step 3. Choose your source disk and click OK.

Select Source Disk

Step 4. Select the target hard disk to copy the source disk to.

Select Destination Disk

Step 5. At the final step, you can edit the partition size. Once it’s confirmed, click Apply on top left corner of the main interface to start copying.


Tips: As Partition Magic alternative, Partition Assistant has various basic and advanced functions apart from disk and partition copy feature. With Partition Assistant Standard, you can create partition, delete partition,format partition, resize/move partition, extend system partition, shrink volume, split partition,merge partitions, wipe hard drive and partition, convert file system,hide/unhide partitions, set active partition, etc. It is absolute disk cloning software‎, and all the operations can be completed without data loss. To enjoy more advaced functions like recovering lost or deleted partition, you can upgrade it to Professional version.