The Solution to SBS 2011 C Drive Low Disk Space

December 23, 2014

In Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011, if there is low disk space problem on C drive to influence computer speed, how to solve it? Take it easy, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server provides you a favor.

About Windows SBS 2011

When referring Windows SBS 2011, you should know that it is short for Windows Small Business Server 2011 which is owned by Microsoft. It is the latest Windows Server version which is developed from Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. Windows Small Business Server 2011 is designed for small and medium enterprises, which has two editions, the Standard edition and Essentials edition. As a new generation of Microsoft small business server solution, it still has the features of superior quality and low price, powerful function. Compared with traditional enterprise servers, the server solution that Windows SBS provides has lower complexity and higher manageability. SBS2011 provides many core functionality in application aspect, such as: user management, file and print sharing, network fax, remote access based on Web, VPN, email, Sharepoint, and unified patch distribution (WSUS) function and so on. It is accepted by many businesses.

SBS 2011 Low Disk Space

With so many useful functions, many small and medium businesses choose to install SBS 2011 as their computer system. During business daily work, there are must large data stored in computer. Therefore, the low disk space issue often appears. Besides, when users build SBS 2011, many applications have been added to system partition. And after using it for a period of time, users will realize that SBS 2011 low disk space problem of system partition has been left when originally allocating system partition. In addition, there is not a choice to create, delete, format partitions when installing SBS 2011, so the operating system is installed on a whole hard disk. After finish installation, there are only two volumes, one is for system, and another is for storing server data. Hence, large data is stored in the data partition, which causes insufficient disk space. If you want more space, you can shrink partition to get unallocated space by Shrink Feature of Disk Management.

However, when using Disk Management Shrink and Extend feature, if there is no free unallocated space behind the partition that you want to extend, it cannot help to do it. The free space must be behind the partition. Due to this point, choosing a powerful disk and partition management software - AOMEI Partition Assistant Server will give you a big favor.

The Solution to Low Disk Space

As an excellent disk and partition management software, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server edition is designed for small and medium enterprises that supports to resize, create, extend, shrink, delete, wipe, delete partition etc. which can solve SBS 2011 low disk space well. Here are some steps to help you extend partition to solve this issue as below.

1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server and go to its main interface to click “Extend Partition Wizard”.


2. Then there will be two methods to be selected. One is system partition; another is any partition you can select. Here we choose extend system partition.


3. Here you need to select a partition to shrink for releasing some free space.


4. Then specify the new size of partition by moving the slider.


5. Here you will see all operations are listed. Then click “Proceed”.


Like this, after finishing the process, you can click “Finish” button. If you want to know more information about extend partition, please click here.

In conclusion, it is easy to solve SBS 2011 low disk space by AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, no matter in SBS 2003, or SBS 2008, the software can be useful for low disk space issue.

Tips: In addition to extend/resize partition, Partition Assistant also support to migrate OS to SSD or HDD, make bootable CD, Windows to Go Creator, etc. Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Server to try.