How to Permanently Wipe Hard Drive and Disk Data in Windows 10/8/7?

November 29, 2018

Want to completely wipe hard drive and disk data and prevent any possibility of data recovery? You can rely on AOMEI Partition Assistant, offering two different methods to wipe HDD and erase SSD.

Need to wipe hard drive

Before giving away your old computer or hard drive, you might have deleted all your files even folders or formatted your hard drive. Is your data really gone? NO. When you format a hard drive or delete a partition, you are usually only deleting the file system, making the data invisible, but not gone. And others can easily recover the information using a data recovery program.  So if you want to permanently clear data from hard drive before selling it, you need to wipe it instead of just formatting it or deleting partitions on it.

Best hard drive wipe software

To permanently wipe hard drive and disk data, you can physically destroy hard drive, or use a hard drive wipe software. If you are good at command line, you can use Windows build-in program "Cipher Tool" (Cipher.exe) to wipe hard drive. But for those who are not, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is a nice chouce. It is a portable and easy-to use disk/partition manager. It is capable of  ensuring a thorough data clean on HDD or SSD and making them unrecoverable. By this software, every sector of the hard drive will be overwritten with binary 1's and 0's. You can even overwrite your hard drive multiple times for added protection. Besides, it supports many other useful functions like extend system boot partition, migrate Windows OS to SSD/HDD, allocate free space from one partition to other partitions without data loss and more.

Steps to Wipe Data on HDD

  • Wipe an entire hard drive

Step1. Install and open AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro and right click on the hard disk drive you want to wipe. Select “Wipe Hard Drive” option.

Wipe Hard Drive

Step2. Specify times of wipe hard drive (1-100), click "Ok"

Specify times

Step3. After all operations, click "Apply" in the top tool bar to commit the pending operation.


  • Wipe Single Partition

With the feature, you can wipe a partition on the target hard drive.

Wipe Single Partition

  • Wipe Unallocated Space

With the feature, AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you wipe the unallocated space as well.

Wipe Unallocated Space

Steps to Wipe Data on SSD Securely

It is different when wipe data on hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) since they have different reading and writing ways. So AOMEI Partition Assistant provide”SSD Secure Erase Wizard”, allowing you to secure erase SSD, which means you can wipe data on your SSD and do not hurt its lifespan. 

Note:AOMEI Partition Assistant only supports secure erase SSD on Windows 7. Thus, you need to connect the SSD to a Windows 7 based computer.

Step1. Run AOMEI Partition Assistant and click“SSD Secure Erase Wizard” in the left panel.

Choose SSD Secure Erase Wizard

Step 2. Choose the SSD.

Select SSD

Step 3. It is normal that the SSD will enter in frozen state. You can do a Hot Swap to unfreeze it.

Frozen State

How to perform a Hot Swap? 

  • Open computer case cover. If it is a laptop, open its back cover or hard shell;

  • Find the SSD that need to be secure erased;

  • Unplug the power cable from the SSD;

  • Unplug SSD’s SATA cable;

  • Re-plug the SATA cable to the SATA port of SSD;

  • Re-plug power cable to the power port.

Step 4. Then, you can successfully and securely erase all data on the SSD. Wait for the process completes.

Erasing Process


If you want to wipe hard drive and disk data for protecting your private information, AOMEI Partition Assistant provides the best way. No matter you want to clear data on HDD or SSD in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, you can fulfill that task in the proper method without causing damages to drives. Besides, you can also use it to erase c drive.

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