How to Use Windows Server 2008 Unallocated Disk Space?

December 23, 2014

In Windows Server 2008/2003/2012, how to make use of unallocated space when C drive is not enough? Or if there is not free space, how to get it? AOMEI Partition Assistant Server can help.

Situation 1: If you want to store your data in the unallocated disk space, firstly it is necessary to change the unallocated space into allocated space, the common way is to create volume, or you can merge your existing partition with the unallocated space to get more space. Disk Management in Windows Server 2008 can shrink a volume to get some unallocated space, and then you can use the space to create partition, or extend volume. But there is something you need to note, that is if the unallocated space is behind the volume you want to extend, you can use the disk tool extend partition, but if it is not next to the volume, disk management cannot use the unallocated space to extend volume.

Situation 2: In fact, there is another situation that unallocated space cannot be used. If your disk is MBR, more than 2 TB, (take 3 TB as an example) the Windows system can only see around 2 TB of space and there is about 750GB unallocated space which cannot be used.

From the above situation, you can know it is unallocated disk space problem. But first, you should know what unallocated disk space is. Unallocated space refers to the space on your computer hard drive that has not been formatted for use by your operating system. Therefore, it cannot be used to store data or applications and is useless.

As for the above two situations, how to use Windows Server 2008 unallocated disk space? Don’t worry; a third party software can do much help.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, an excellent and professional server software, which can provide powerful functions in resize/create/shrink/extend/delete/merge/split partition etc, allocate free space, convert MBR to GPT etc. disk-related operations, manage disk and partition well, and give users a good experience. It can easily solve the two problems above to let unallocated disk space be used adequately. There are two solutions of these two situations respectively.

Solution 1:
When the unallocated space is not behind the partition (take C drive as an example) you want to extend, AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you easily to extend system partition.

First, launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, and you can use its “merge partitions” feature. Right click C drive and select this feature.


Then you can merge unallocated disk space with C partition.


Like this, you get much space and enlarge system partition. At last, click “Apply” to finish this operation.

Note: If there is no free space, you can use “resize partition” to get some space from the partition which has enough free space, and then resize C partition to expand. Or “Allocate Free Space” can also help.

Solution 2:
If disk is MBR, and more than 2 TB, the unallocated space cannot be active. How to use unallocated disk space in windows server 2008? The most important thing is that you must firstly convert MBR to GPT disk, and then you can use the space. AOMEI Partition Assistant Server “convert to GPT disk” feature can do this task.


If you want to know more information about the conversion of MBR and GPT, the article “How to Convert GPT to MBR or Convert MBR to GPT Disk?” is useful. After converting to GPT, you can use the space like the solution 1.

In conclusion, this software can well do disk and partition management, no matter which situation that unallocated space is, it can use Windows Server 2008 unallocated disk space well. Download to have a try.