How to Clone a Partition in Windows 10 Securely?

December 23, 2014

In order to avoid Windows 10 data loss, cloning a partition is a necessary job for you to do. There is a free software - AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard can help you.

Cloning a Partition in Windows 10 can be also called Copy Partition in Windows 10. It refers to you backup the important data in the partitions to avoid some accidental affairs which may cause data loss.

One of my friends Jack has suffered a lot from data loss. He stored his wedding video and photos in partition D, unfortunately his D drive was damaged by accident and all the video and photos had been lost.

In fact, with time goes by, your computer may be attacked by virus, hardware failure, or human errors. No matter which one happens to you, your data on Windows 10 may be lost. How sad you will be, if you lost the important data such as videos, photos, working files! While if you clone partitions of Windows 10 before, even when this disaster happens, you have another one. In this way, you don’t worry the data loss any more.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free partition software designed for the users who want to manage their partitions easily and safely. A feature named Copy Partition in this software makes you protect data from being lost. How to clone partition in Windows 10 with this feature? Follow the next part.

Before you do:

  • Only the unallocated space can be choose to store source partition. If there is no unallocated on your hard disk you can shrink partition to gain it.
  • If there are running programs in the partition which you want to clone, this software will advise you to close them or apply this operation under PreOS Mode.

Step1: Download, install, and launch the software. Choose Partition Copy Wizardon the left side.

Step2: Choose Copy Partition Quickly and click Next.

Step3: Choose the partition you need to clone (eg. Partition C) and click Next.

Step4: Select destination space and click Next.

Step5: Change the size of the unallocated space to create a new partition to store the source partition and click Finish.

Step6: In this window, you will find there is new copied partition. To perform the operation, please click Apply.


  • The unallocated space could be smaller than the source partition but must be larger than the used space of the source partition if you select the "Copy Partition Quickly" method. If you select the "Sector-by-Sector Copy" mode, the unallocated space must be equal or larger than source partition.
  • If you copy system partition, the operation needs to be completed under the PreOS Mode.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard makes you clone partition for Windows 10 easily and simply. And in some situation, if you need to clone the whole hard drive in Windows 10 you can use Copy Disk Wizard to clone hard drive directly.