Extend System Partition in Windows 10 without Data Loss or Reboot

February 15, 2019

Is your C: drive getting full? Besides clean up C: drive disk space, you can also extend system partition without data loss to solve this problem.

As the user of Windows 10, have you ever been warned as low disk space on your computer? Why does this happen? The main reason is that there isn’t enough free space on your system drive.  When this problem exists, you will realize the performance of your computer isn’t as good as before. What’s more, if workers of Windows 10 meet the problem, they may be crazy by the low speed of computer. On the other hand, it will make workers have bad mood for work, which may directly affect their working efficiency.

When facing the problems, common users will choose to uninstall applications to release space. However, with time goes by the increasing data, cache or temporary files in your computer will still cause the same problem. To really solve the problem, it is necessary to extend system partition for Windows 10.

The most common ways used to extend system partition in Windows 10 are Disk Management and third-party software. But there is much third-party partition software in the market, which one can bring you much benefit?

Way 1: Built-in Disk Management                                              

Disk Management is a tool in Windows 10. It can help you create/delete/shrink/extend partition. So some users of Windows 10 choose this built-in tool to manage their partitions. But if you are the user of this tool, you will find it has shortcomings. For instance, when you extend system partition with this tool, you may encounter that "Extend Volume" is grayed out.

Is there something wrong with the tool? Actually, there is nothing wrong. The fact is that the function of "Extend Volume" in Windows 10 is only available when there is unallocated space behind system partition. 

In most of the cases, you have to delete a partition before you can extend the C: drive. If your hard drive was initialized as master boot record (MBR) partition style, you cannot add unallocated space in extended partition to a primary partition. Similarly, you cannot extend a logical partition with unallocated space.

Furthermore, Disk Management can’t move the unallocated space freely. So Disk Management is not always suitable for you.  If you cannot use Disk Management to extend partition in Windows 10, you can use free partition manager software to extend C: drive without data loss.

Way 2: Freeware - AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is a powerful software devoted to partition management. With this software, you can extend system partition in Windows 10 with few steps safely.

Before you do:

  • Make sure there are no running programs on the system partition.
  • Do not forcibly terminate the tasks or cut off the power when you extend system partition.

Step1: Install and open the software, select Extend Partition Wizard on the left bar.         

All Tools

Step2: Choose Extend system partition and then click Next. You can also use the Resize Partition feature to shrink and extend partition without data loss.      

Extend Partition Method

Step3:Choose the partition you want to take free space from (eg.D partition). Then click Next.

Select Partitions

Step4: Move the bar to decide the size you want to extend and then click Next.       

Extend Size

Step5: Click Proceed to perform the operation, if you think all your operations are ok.         


Tips: above steps also apply to extend system partition in Windows 7 and 8.

Besides this method, you can also directly merge disk partition in Windows 10 by using the feature Merge Partitions. For home users, only with the simple steps mentioned above, you can extend system partition in Windows 10 by the software AOMEI Partition Assistant without losing data and restarting your PC. Besides this edition, there is Server Edition for Server users; Technician Edition for technical service providers. You can always choose the most suitable one for you.