By AOMEI / Last Updated August 28, 2019

When do you need to fix MBR?

Master Boot Record (MBR) belongs to boot record, along with Boot Configuration Data (BCD). MBR will be created when the first partition on the hard drive is created and it is very important data structure on the first sector of disk, which contains the partition table for the drive as well as a small amount of executable code for the boot start. To learn more about MBR disk style, please refer to differences between MBR and GPT.

Once the MBR file is corrupted, you may not be able to boot your system at all, and error information as "Operating System not found", "Error loading operating system", "Missing operating system" or "Invalid partition table" will show up. If you receive any of these errors, you need to rebuild or repair corrupted MBR in Windows 10/8/7 to fix the issues. Usually, the MBR problem may be caused by malware infection, or improper shutdown.

How to fix MBR in Windows 10?

There are 2 ways to repair MBR in Windows10 (same as in Windows 7/8), but first and foremost you need a bootable disk with Windows installed and should be of any Windows edition released after Windows 7, so that you can start your computer and fix MBR. Or you can unplug your disk that need to be fixed and plug it into another machine so as to make the fix job operable.

Solution 1: rebuild MBR in Windows 10 via Command Prompt

Windows Recovery Console is a traditional way to repair corrupted MBR. Recovery is entirely possible if you can access the Recovery Console and you know which command to type for your version of Windows.

1. Boot into System Recovery Options. Launch “Command prompt”, then type the command bootrec.exe and “Enter” to see the options that are available for this tool. (There are four parameter available : /FixMbr, /FixBoot, /ScanOs and /RebuildBcd. Each of them can help you solve different boot problems.)

2. Execute /FixMbr in Windows 10 with Command Prompt. (/FixMbr allows the repair of a corrupter or damaged Master Boot Record. And you should use it when you meet one of these error messages: “Operating System not found", “Error loading operating system", “Missing operating system" or “Invalid partition table".)

Solution 2: fix Windows 10 MBR with AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free and powerful disk partition manager software, you can use it to fix the corrupted MBR easily.

1. Download, install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Select the disk and right-click it to choose “Rebuild MBR”, or in the main menu select Disk > Rebuild MBR.

Rebuild System Disk MBR

2. Set the type of MBR for Window 10 in the pop-up window. (Choose a proper MBR type according to your operating system.)

Choose MBR Type

3. Click “Apply” on the toolbar to commit Rebuild MBR operation.



  • ›“Rebuild MBR” only can solve problems such as MBR code has been damaged. To deal with OS unbootable problem which is caused by bootable file or system file missing is beyond its abilities.

  • ›“Rebuild MBR” would not lead to any kind of data loss. However, improperly Rebuild MBR might cause your computer unbootable. So, you’d better learn more relevant knowledge before you execute Rebuild MBR operation.

Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is so convenient as other paid editions of AOMEI Partition Assistant to help you fix MBR in Windows 10. With this software, you can fix MBR on SSD as well.

Of course, if you want to solve some problems with an easier way, for example, if you want to make use of the free space of one big partition and add it to another small partition, you can use paid AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition to “allocate free space” from one partition to another directly.