By Ivy / Last Updated July 15, 2019

“Opps! My partition lost in accidentally!”

In general, you should partition a storage device into one or more partitions before it can be used to store data. A partition can be created during Windows installation, in Disk Management, using Diskpart command or a third-party tool.

Sometimes, you will encounter partition loss issue, which refers to a state you cannot see a certain partition on the computer. In Disk Management, you will see extra unallocated space instead of the original partition.

Case: I have a Windows 10 computer and I made a big mistake! I have a hard drive that stored all my media files. But I accidentally deleted the volume and all files were gone! It shows “Unallocated” now! Is there any way to recover deleted volume on Windows 10 to get back my files?

This is a really case from my friend. Once a partition gets lost, deleted, corrupted, all files in that partition are likely to get lost at the same time. In this case, you have to recover lost partition in Windows 10. After recovery, your files will come back.

Tips: If you want to avoid further data loss, you should pay attention to the following things.

  1. Do not execute any operation on the hard drive.

  2. Do not reformat the hard drive.

  3. Do not add new items to the partition.

  4. Do not rebuild partition table.

Reasons to missing partition in Windows 10

In the following, I'll show you some reasonable reasons for partition loss.

  1. Corrupted partition table. Owing to improper operation, virus, the partition table may be damaged or corrupted, and then lead to

  2. partition loss.

  3. Improper operation, such as Diskpart clean command.

  4. Power failure.

  5. Bad sectors. If your partition was damaged due to a bad sector, your computer may not recognize it and then show extra

  6. unallocated space.

  7. Repartition hard drive. If you repartition hard drive, all the existing partition will be deleted.

  8. Loss of volume label, drive letter or partition name.

  9. Hard drive change because of upgradation.

Is it possible to recover lost partition in Windows 10?

The majority of users think the partition is gone forever after deleting or cleaning. But you still wonder if it is possible to recover deleted volume in Windows 10, because you cannot afford data loss owing to partition loss.

Fortunately, you can recover deleted partition using freeware, because your computer recognizes a partition by its partition table and boot sector. When you delete a partition on the computer, the system just removes partition information (eg: partition type, size, location, file system, etc.) from partition table rather than wipe the area occupied by the deleted volume completely. At last, you just cannot see that partition in Disk Management or File Explorer.

How to recover lost partition in Windows 10?

As mentioned above, partition loss is caused by various reasons. You can try the following methods and see if it works for you.

Method 1: How to recover deleted partition using CMD?

If you think your problem was caused by Loss of volume label, drive letter, partition name or Diskpart clean command, you can try this method and learn how to recover data from deleted partition using command prompt.

Step 1. Find the lost partition in Disk Management. You can press Win + R and type diskmgmt.msc in the Run window, and then press OK to open Disk Management. If a partition is deleted, the disk space will be marked as Unallocated. Remember the partition size.

Step 2. Run CMD as administrator.

Step 3. Type diskpart in the window and press Enter.

Step 4. Type list disk and press Enter key. After that, you will see all disks on the computer.

Step 5. Type select disk # and press Enter (Replace # with the number of the hard drive that contains lost partition).

Step 6. Type list volume and press Enter.

Step 7. Type select volume # and press Enter (replace # with the number of lost partition).

Step 8. Type assign letter=# and press Enter (Replace # with an available drive letter).

Assign Drive Letter

Step 9. Exit this window and see if you can access that partition.

Method2: Recover Windows 10 lost partition with easier way

If you want to recover deleted partition using graphical user interface, you can try this method and learn how to recover lost partition in Windows 10.

There are many partition recovery software available on the internet, but you do not know which one is easy-to-use. To save your time and effort, I recommend you the best partition recovery software AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. It’s designed to recover lost partition in Windows 10, as well as Windows 7/8/XP/Vista. All the steps are very easy. You just need to move your finger and click the corresponding button until the last step.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is partition manager as well, which can be used to partition hard drive You can run all the basic operation, including Create Partition, Delete Partition, Format Partition, Convert to MBR Disk, etc. Also, you can execute advanced features, including Move Partition, Allocate free space, Merge Partition, etc.

Besides, you still can use AOMEI Partition Assistant to fix some problems related to Disk Management or Diskpart, such as extending volume is disabled, converting to basic disk greyed out, virtual disk service error the volume size is too big, etc.

Start with detailed steps.

Step 1. Find the lost partition in Disk Management.

Step 2. Install and open AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Step 3. Click the disk you want to recover and select Partition Recovery Wizard on the left panel. When you get into partition recovery wizard, select a disk which you want to recover. Click Next.

Partition Recovery Wizard

Step 4. Select Fast Search. It's recommended to select this option for the first time. This option takes less time. If you cannot recover the lost partition, you can select Full Search later.

Search Method

Step 5. Select the lost partition and click Proceed.

Select Lost Partition

Step 6. Click Finish to exit this window after you see a word like Congratulations. Then, you can check whether your partition is restored or not in Disk Management or File Explorer.

Partition Recovery Finish

The way forward

You can recover lost partition in Windows 10 as long as you get the reasons why your partition lost and use the right methods. If you still cannot use files in this partition, you can check bad sector via Check Partition function in AOMEI Partition Assistant.

In addition, you'd better create an image backup for partition, which contains important data. Once something goes wrong, you restore your computer to a previous good state.