Useful Server Partition Manager Is Widely Applied in Windows Server OSs 32/64 bit

December 23, 2014

As one of the most effective server partition manager, Partition Assistant Server Edition has its own superiority in disk partition area and involves the data-security-protect field.

Partition magic was published by PowerQuest several years ago. It was the hottest program in the disk partition field at that time. However, so many years gone by, the main reason why people seek for other partition magic alternatives does not support server OS. There is a truth, server OSs are widely applied, so, several server partition managers came into being for solving server partition operations and managing computer performance.

Partition Assistant Server Edition, this server partition software also occupied place in disk partition area because of its flawlessly features, highly working efficiency, easily operating wizards, friendly after-sales service and customers' communication. It is the highly-praised toolkit by customers who experienced its perfect working level.

Partition Assistant simplify all acknowledged-complex partition works on server OS both 32 and 64 bit. Never being afraid of these operations will lead to the highly risk of data loss, just put them to Partition Assistant at any time.

  1. Resize partition server 2003/2000/2008 through the mouse dragging to adjust the partition size is efficient.

  2. Repartition windows server 2003/2000/2008 for the better partition management is perfect.

  3. The snap-in windows server OSs disk manager show "extend volume" grayed out also can be deal with well.

In addition, its powerful functions are not only reflects in these common jobs, but also applied in documents-protect work and hard drive diagnostics, such as hide partition, wipe hard drive permanently and check disk bad sectors, etc.

After download the Partition Assistant, the main interface shows the straight understand wizard and all the visualized operations.

Partition works

There is no doubt that Partition Assistant has already played an important role in the disk partition operations on Server OSs. Download now, experience its advantages and clear its work steps.