Why Is My C Drive Red?

What does the title mean? I don’t know the meaning yet. Until yesterday, I found my C drive was red. Generally speaking, C drive has been used as system drive. Compared with other partitions, it became red because the space was not enough. Since I’m a green hand in computer, I have no idea about it.

My friends told me the only way is to reinstall the operating system for repartitioning the hard disk. However, the reinstalled procedures will undertake the risk of data losing and cost a lot of time, which doesn’t seem a good idea to me. So, is there any way can help me?

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Windows Diskpart Command Helps to Increase Partition Size

In the field of computing, Windows Diskpart Command is a partition utility presented by command codes, and it has been employed in the versions of Windows NT operating systems since Windows 2000. There are many command prompts to carry out corresponding partition operations. For example, “list disk” “select disk x” “delete partition” “extend” “exit”, etc. Thus the Diskpart Command can play a very significant role in disk management.

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How to Repartition a Hard Drive Easily and Safely with Powerful Tools?

With the increasing development of computer technology, more and more brand computers have steppes into the market. Although the users have more choices, there are still many disk problems. In many forums, the question of “how to repartition a hard drive” can be seen frequently. Maybe, many people think that it is very hard to repartition a hard drive without data loss. However, a right choice can make great difference.

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