Why Windows shows smaller size of hard drive after cloning? It might be confusing that you cloned to a larger hard drive from smaller one, but not seeing more free space in Windows Explore. One of the Windows users says, “I was able to successfully clone my HDD, and am typing this post on my […]


Should You Always Label Your Removable Media

On April 29, 2016 In Free Partition Manager By AOMEI Technology

Why should you label your removable media? As one of the most popular storage devices, removable media(external hard drive, CD/DVD, USB flash drive, etc) plays an important role. It has a great advantages. ● Bring data to everywhere. Sometimes, you need take some important data to another place for working. However, bring your PC or […]


Samsung Smart TV Samsung Smart TV gives people a brand new experience and it has a good reputation of its properties. You can set your select Samsung smartphone to turn on your 2015 Samsung J-Series Smart TV when you wake up. It will show you the local weather and your personal schedule, and you can […]


The Scenario “I have a Seagate external hard drive and a WD external hard drive, it was working well on my Mac till I made some changed on those two external hard drive. They are read only on my Mac now. So my question is why the Seagate external hard drive and WD external hard […]


The external hard drive not recognized Have you ever met the problem that the external hard drive cannot connect to the your computer when you plug it into the port? Many users have met this problem before. When they plugged their external hard drive, the external hard drive cannot be seen at My computer. Why? […]


Crucial SSD The Crucial SSD is an internal solid state drive, which is very popular among computer users because its large volume and good properties. When you start your computer with Crucial SSD, it works very fast–booting up almost instantly, loading apps in seconds, and accelerating nearly everything on your computer. Accessing your data on […]


Partition and format Western Digital hard disk with Windows Disk Management Windows users know that Western Digital (WD) hard disk is a wonderful hard drive and it is acclaimed by users. However, in order to get a better performance, you have to partition and format it. Windows OS has a built in tool called Windows […]


Shrink Volume Hangs, How Long Does It Take?

On January 05, 2016 In Free Partition Manager By AOMEI Technology

Shrink Volume Takes Long Time “I want to shrink volume to create a new partition to store my personal files in my Windows 7. I have a 242 GB partition nearly empty, and I want to shrink it to 142 GB, so I use the Shrink Volume of Disk Management to shrink it, but it […]


How to Convert Unallocated Space to Free Space?

On September 17, 2014 In Free Partition Manager By AOMEI Technology

What are unallocated space and free space? Both unallocated space and free space refer to computer storage. However, the former one is in initial state that can not be used directly and the latter one is ready for use. If you want to put an unallocated space into use, you should firstly create a new […]


To many computer users, disks are not strange, but seldom of them know MBR or GPT, actually, Whatever MBR or GPT, they are format of disk, but there are many different characters between them. About MBR MBR, whose full name is master booted record, is current disk partitioned mode. The standard of MBR partition decides […]