Safely and Permanently Erase Data from Hard Drive

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As for PC or laptop users, they may come across a situation that is when buy a new computer, they plan to sell the old one, but they are afraid of revealing their personal information. So usually they will choose to delete or format the data on the hard disk. Actually, when the data are […]


Recover Data When Laptop Won’t Boot Windows OS

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What Cause Laptop Won’t Boot? There is nothing worse than a laptop can’t boot, which make you under the risk of losing valuable data. In fact, your operating system may be very fragile due to the attack of the flowing. Boot section corruption: Boot section contains important files and information, which are necessary for operating system […]


Best Way to Transfer Data from Old Hard Drive to New Hard Drive

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About Clone Hard Disk Unlike “copy” and “paste”, hard disk clone refers to copy all the contents on the hard disk to another one at one time. And you don’t need to copy each file one by one, which may be a time consuming work if you are going to replace your present hard disk […]


Samsung Migration won’t Migrate My HDD to SSD

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About SSD SSD is short for Solid State Drive which is a new type of hard disk. It uses non-volatile memory ships to store data as HDD. But compared with HDD, there is moving part in SSD which makes SSD has faster loading time and data accessing time. Due to the advantages of SSD and […]


About Disk Management Disk Management is a built-in tool in Windows which enables you to create/delete/format/shrink/extend partition. A lot of PC users choose to create partition with Disk Management, but sometimes many users realize there is no option to create a new partition in Windows 8 or 7. They confused by this problem and try […]


As a user of Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 7, have you ever found you cannot use full capacity of your HDD after cloning to larger HDD. For instance, your present HDD is 320GB, after you cloning it to 500 GB HDD, your Windows only allows you to use 320GD of the HDD. Does hard drive […]


How Can I Move My Pre-Installed Windows 7 OS from HDD to an SSD

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Cases Cause You Move Pre-Installed Windows 7 OS to SSD My friend Tom, he works as a game tester; his job is playing the games to find out the shortcomings. And then the developers can improve the games relying on the shortcomings. The work requires the computer that has fast boot time or data access […]


Create a Windows 8/8.1 To Go Drive within Windows 7 More Easily

On October 08, 2014 In Others By AOMEI Technology

Windows To Go Windows To Go is a new feature in Enterprise Windows 8 or 8.1 which allows you to build an image of your Windows 8/8.1 to a flash USB drive and then you can boot it on any computer. For home users, Windows To Go can make your home and work use of […]


Installing OS to SSD but Keeping Everything else on HDD

On October 08, 2014 In Others By AOMEI Technology

Many PC users are attracted by SSD’s outstanding feature-fast boot time. Even though this feature sounds really wonderful, but some of users flinch due to its high cost. Generally speaking, if you really want to have fast boot time, there is a way for you, installing OS to SSD but keeping everything else on HDD. […]


What’s the Difference between MBR and GPT Disks?

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Before you partition a hard disk, you need to initialize the hard drive. When you initialize the hard drive under the help of Disk Management, a pop-window will make you choose between MBR and GPT. For common users, they will pay little attention to this, but in order to make your computer use smoothly in […]