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AOMEI PE Builder
  • Create a multifunction and customizable bootable media based on Windows PE.
  • Integrate desktop, Windows explorer, start menu and taskbar into the WinPE media.
  • Integrate AOMEI partition manager and backup software into the WinPE media.

Manage and recover your partitions in a bootable rescue CD

AOMEI PE Builder Beta - Integrate Partition Manager & Backup Software
Free create your custom Windows PE bootable media without installing AIK/WAIK

Have you encountered the situation that your current operating system fails to boot? If yes, create a bootable CD based on Windows PE might be the best way to fix this problem. Windows PE does not require a hard drive to boot, and it can run solely from a CD drive or USB Flash drive (of course, AOMEI Partition Assistant will be packed or built-in to this bootable drive).

AOMEI Partition Assistant added the feature of creating bootable CD wizard which allows you to create bootable CD or USB flash drive in a few click only. You will not worry about the situation of OS crash any more.

  • You can use all functions of AOMEI partition software in this bootable CD drive, including partition recovery, rebuilding MBR, changing partition size, repartitioning a hard drive, etc.
  • The bootable CD has ability to recognize all storage devices including IDE, SCSI, SATA, SSD, IEEE-1394, Flash Drive, etc.
  • The bootable CD supports to work on all of hardware RAID, such as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, etc.


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