World’s first powerful disk management for managing dynamic volumes

It was turned out to be a feature-rich and reliable dynamic disks and dynamic volumes management toolkit for both physical and virtual Windows-based environments. For easier management, all the necessary features are brought together with innovative technology and enhanced data protection: Dynamic Volume Management, Disk Converter and Step-by-Step Wizard are included.

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Features List:

1.Dynamic Volume Management

Resolves the basic problems on dynamic disk

  • Hot! Resize dynamic disk without losing data.
  • Highlight! Extend dynamic system volume to solve "low disk space on C drive" problem and keep data safe.
  • Shrink dynamic volume to free up some unallocated space for further usage.
  • Create/Delete/Format all types of dynamic volumes easily.
  • Move slice to change the location of volume flexibly on the same disk.
  • Change drive letter or volume label to identify a volume and for our better recognition.

2.Disk Converter

Provides the safest ways to convert disk configuration or disk type

  • Dynamic disk to basic disk conversion without data loss.
  • World’s first! Convert GPT disk to MBR Disk and vice versa while ensuring data security.
  • Initialize disk as MBR or GPT much easier than Windows Disk Management.

3.Step-by-Step Wizard

Simplifies all the operations with clear direction in wizard

  • Create Volume Wizard allows configuring different dynamic volumes easily.
  • Add Drive to RAID to expand capacity or improve read & write performance.
  • Remove Drive from RAID to redistribute free space from one to another.
  • Move Volume Slice Wizard helps relocate dynamic volume in other dynamic disks.
Enjoy AOMEI Partition Assistant free version

If this function can help you maintain partition and hard disk easily and fast, you can: